As per inktober came and went and i very nearly kept up with it! Here are a few of the images i created in the month and if you want to see more… Continue reading

Hull Print Fair

Been incredibly busy and feel like i haven’t posted anything in a longgg time! So here is a little of what I have been up to! Being freelance is an incredibly challenging job… Continue reading


Here are some self initiated projects creating illustrations for online editorial content. Self motivated projects are great for pushing yourself creatively and keep you in touch with the work you aspire to do.… Continue reading


  Quick little editorial on Rita from Darjeeling Limited using my winsor and Newton inks. F*** THE ITINERARY! All images copyright Ailie Clark and Ailies Doodles (June 2017)

Go Haim or go home.

Big weekend came and went but Haim have stayed! They were beyond amazing and here is a little artwork i created of the badass threesome  ! All images copyright Ailie Clark and Ailies… Continue reading

All we ever wanted is everything…

Got approached to design a page in a risograph zine for a production by a theatre company. In brief its about the lives of 6 people over 30 years with the backdrop of… Continue reading

Dear diary…

Watched ‘Diary of a teenage girl’ a while back and found a brief online about creating a screenprint of a book. With the film being from the book written by Phoebe Gloeckner i… Continue reading

ink girls

playing with ink at the moment and loving it!   All Images copyright Ailie Clark and Ailies Doodles (May 2017)

life drawing

Not really a life drawer and its been about 6 years since i have done any! Set off with a friend to have a go and to my surprise i enjoyed it! Never… Continue reading