Enigma of Memory

For this project I chose again to do a personal memory, the aim of this project was to try and illustrate a memory you had with the use of unusual materials or techniques. i chose to do the memory of going to scotland in easter and how cold it was.  i listed what it was i remembered about being cold (frozen ears, hands, nose and watering eyes) and drew these out as a starting point.

I then scouted out some postcards my great aunt sent me from scotland as well as a few i collected myself to hopefully help add context to my images, we were then taught about creating image transfer using pva glue. A very simple technique by which having printed off the image you wish to use you cover it in pva glue and put it face down onto to some fabric, smoothing it over leave it to dry for a day. Having done this you wash over water with a sponge and gently begin to rub the papers surface to reveal your image. Its up to you how much you remove but be careful you can end up removing the image. Here are my tryouts..

I drew and stitched into these adding elements such as the wind which is a strong memory of mine from Scotland. I purposefully made my images look worn by over working certain areas whilst leaving others i love the effect this has given and how it illustrates the idea of memory with it being incomplete. Having done these i was vey happy with the result however i felt it all looked a little dispersed. I found some napkins of my grandmother’s which i felt would be great to work my designs into, so i went and created a few collages on photoshop to combat the dispersed look of my experiments.

I printed out these compositions to fit into the borders of my napkins and i will again use the image transfer technique. I will also paint into these to add the effect of being cold as well as stitching in elements of wind. I want certain elements such as the wind to maybe bleed into the border, as well as extending elements from my drawings such as the tears and maybe the hair whipping around because of the wind. To keep the images clarity it is often helpful to put a layer of pva over them.

AND THEY ARE FINISHED! I am really happy with how these have turned out and feel they reflect the idea of my memory well.