new years resolutions

As a way of keeping us occupied over the holidays we were given a brief where we were to illustrate our new years resolutions. i have never really been one to ever make any resolutions  but after asking friends for theirs it became clear that it could be anything you wished although it seems more traditionally its to better yourself in some way. With my previous project of Alice in Wonderland i had used spoils from the print room to create my images. With it having worked quite successfully i decided to see if i could apply it to this project. Having chosen my three; to dive (see a whale shark), lay on a beach and to go on a husky ride. i decided i wanted them to look as though they belonged in a set so stuck to using the same spoil for each but using it in a different way to evoke each resolution.

although i am pleased with the outcomes and the atmosphere and texture the spoils helped bring to each, i still feel if having had the time that they could have been worked into more with further mark making. I added to the concept by making them into postcards by where you send friends or family your illustrated resolution and ask them for theirs! I am pleased with how they have turned out and do feel they illustrate my resolutions well… lets see if i actually stick to them !