being healthy

This project is proving a little difficult creatively, I want to create something visually appealing as well as informative. So the ideas i came up with were adults playing like kids as  a fun way to exercise and to link it to the idea of food with the slogan, “burning calories should be as fun as eating them”. I opted for space hopping but changing the space hopper to an apple. Another of my ideas was to chose an unusual activity of exercise that is season/site specific in which i chose surfing. i had already started a composition for this but decided that along side my research and i would like to make my collage more 3 dimensional and photograph this as a final.

i am really happy with how my 3d illustration has turned out, however i’m not all that happy with my space hopping composition in terms of creating a background (everything looks very flat) so i might re-do this in a similar way to that of my surfing illustration. With my collaged photograph it was more an experimentation than anything.