1 week editorials

Having worked on some fairly intense projects I decided I wanted to do something that would have a quick turn over and looked to projects I did last year.

Something I really enjoyed doing at the end of our first year was editorials because of the quick turn around it required and it was interesting to see what you could produce.

So first port of call was to collect some newspapers and magazines to find some articles I could illustrate. To my surprise I found going back to something that needed to be simple really difficult and found myself stripping it right back to the basics and creating something that was not how I worked or was happy with.

But I found making this hiccup fairly early on in the process very helpful, as I now knew how it was I wanted to approach my work. Having been pushing my work in the direction of heavy use of collage amongst some drawn elements I took this as a starting point and removed myself completely from my sketchbook and began playing with layouts and materials.

I found this to be a very successful way of working for me and I got a better grip with this project and am fairly pleased with my outcomes.