Summer Project

Haven’t blogged in what feels like quite a long time! That is probably because i haven’t picked up a pencil in awhile, having finished my second year of uni i have needed a bit of break! Anyway this summer project is one that is self initiated and I have had a bit of a creative block in terms of ideas i decided i would just draw what i wanted to draw and see where it takes me… and yes a whale was just a starting point at this stage. I have played with materials and perspective for this project in the hope of broadening my skills and finding what I like and what works.

closeupwhale closeupwhale2

I would say this project was an artist’s book (mostly due to the exploration of materials), which I have turned into a small children’s story. I wouldn’t say I liked every piece but there are elements of each I would use again. I found this project to be a bit of a struggle but I feel the outcome has been successful, if not it was definitely a learning curve. I hope you like it!