Degree show time.. almost

So it has been a very long time since i have posted something on my blog (big apologies)… and here is the reason why! Its degree show time meaning my 3 years at university are coming to an end and i will soon have to leave and enter the slightly scarier real world! i have been working towards my degree show since christmas.. planning, researching, roughs, finalising etc etc and although i’m not going to show you what i have done just yet i will divulge a little on the content. with my work always having a tendency to be narrative based, i gave myself the challenge of creating a children’s book (the story being one i wrote myself) for this i have done 4 spreads (out of 9) and a cover (as if you were to bring a book to a publisher they would not wish for the book to be completed as inevitably changes will be made). This project was very challenging in terms of continuity of character and pacing of spreads and materials used, i possibly got a little self indulgent when doing this work but i feel it was worth it as i couldn’t be happier with the outcomes! I then moved onto creating editorials for lifestyle magazine articles as this is something that appeals to me and i feel my  my visual language lends it self well to it. Also i really love the shorter turn around for editorial work – it makes everything have a much fresher appeal to it! so there you go a miniature essay (anything is better than a dissertation :P) on the work i have been doing and below is a picture of my page spread for our degree show catalogue which will give you a flavour of the work i have been doing! Also have made a collective page on facebook should you wish to have a look at the other very talented illustrators i work alongside.ailieclarklayoutOur degree show takes place in a couple weeks so keep your eyes open as i will be revealing the final work!!