Degree show time!

We have done it! Our little Doodle Bandit collective have finally managed with lots of nails, screws and hammers; to finally get our degree show up! I know I’m exhausted and most likely will be able to sleep for a week once the show is done. I am very pleased with what we have been able to achieve and i think we have a strong group of creatives. So here are a few pics of my degree show space and if you should like to see the others work (click the doodle bandit link) and spaces. I will be posting the final images after my degree show on friday. If you would like to keep more up to date as to what i get up to feel free to follow me on twitter @AilieClark1.

Feels slightly surreal that my degree is now over but i feel the work i have produced definitely shows the blood sweat and tears that went into it (not literally) .

Any comments are welcome 🙂






All images are copyright Ailie Clark (2014)