film poster

Decided to set myself a mini project… this time a film poster! Having never really done a film poster before i decided this would be a good challenge for me. With now being a little better at drawing people (see previous post or my instagram) I felt this would be the perfect project to exercise my skills! For the first time recently i watched Inglorious Basterds (a film by Tarantino) and loved it ! Although a little gory at some points for my liking (scalping) the character Shosanna really stood out to me as the heart of the story. So i decided to create a character poster. Doing a little light reserach the poster designs that stood out for me were the ones that were kept simple in terms of colour, style and use of negative space. So here it is, my first attempt and i hope you like it! Feedback as always is welcome 🙂

shosanna final piece

My process :

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