Film Poster 2 : Princess Mononoke

So here is my second attempt at a film poster, chose another favourite of mine “Princess Mononoke” an animation by Studio Ghibli. This one proved a little more difficult than the last, i wanted to keep it simple and this time try out layering imagery into each other. There are many versions i came up with (this is a very small snippet of them)  I found I tended to swing from to  simple to over complicated and it was a case of getting a happy medium, which luckily for my own sanity i managed 😛 Have a love/hate relationship with projects that are difficult but they always tend to be the more satisfying outcomes because they have taken a lot of time and problem solving. As always I feel there is still room for improvement but thats what i like about setting myself these projects as i can see areas that i need to work on for the next anyway… here you go!

The final outcome! All images Copyright Ailie Clark (2014)

The final outcome!