Feels like a life time since i have posted on here but i promise some new work will be appearing soon. Been a super busy bee creating projects for myself to improve my portfolio and continuing to push myself creatively! Done a lot of travelling recently and kept a sketchbook whilst i was away, so ill be sure to put up my work! Or if you don’t want to wait around.. its all on my instagram which if you have i would love for you to have a look at (maybe even follow)! Any way i think i feel i have come to more of a conclusion as to the type of illustration work i would like to do (dun dun dunnnnnn) EDITORIALS! They have always been something of interest to me and i feel its definitely a sector i would like to get stuck into. I think i could see myself doing TRAVEL, FOOD and maybe even LIFESTYLE & FASHION editorials. I have always loved the fast paced brief and the challenge of communicating an idea and making it as visually exciting as possible!! HERE are some editorials i have done in the past and lets hope i will get more in the future!! *feeling determined*