Album Artwork!

Got approached by a local band to do the new artwork for an ep they will launching. Having seen my artwork on instagram they gave me free reign on the imagery. I was very excited to get the chance to pull my colour work and black and white portrait work together. It was challenging and involved a lot of meetings with the band to discuss how to improve the work and make it suitable to them. The final outcome has been extremely successful; with the band happy and it being a great step creatively.

The Process:

The EP for this band was to be double sided so two so it was important that the two images tied together and mirrored each other in their design and process. Using the lyrics as inspiration I came up with the initial drawings that were hand drawn using ink. I then began to experiment with colour and texture. I wanted the pieces to have a melancholy feel but a warmth that could suggest something good was possible. So i chose to work with blue/green and orange/yellow hues in a way that indicated a sense of light and mood. Given that i work with collage (mono print I’ve made/found papers) I decided to work it into the pieces by scanning and manipulating them digitally to keep the look of the artwork clean. Once the basic format of how the cover was going to look was worked out I changed the colour of the line work to blend with the backdrop and generally tidied the pieces up on Photoshop so they were ready to take to print!

All images copyright Ailie Clark and Ailies Doodles (2016)