Come with us

Got approached to do some more album artwork by a local artist. Im always excited to get my teeth into another project and see where it will take me. Its good fun to work with a client and hear their ideas and work together to create something new for both of you. It’s definitely interesting to see how a brief can challenge you and open (or close) doors on processes or new techniques. To put it simply… I bloomin’ love it!!

The track the artist is releasing has a great summer vibe and that was definitely a key idea behind this piece. I was asked to use a photograph (portrait of the artist) that had been taken by photographer Josh Moore and combine this with my work. The images content created some great opportunities to be a little playful. I felt it also had a strong iconic look to it that would be great for the basis of an album cover.

*pulls out scissors* I began to chop up the photo and play with the separate elements, settling on just keeping the hand and face so the  audiences attention would be kept central. In true form i reached for my: mono prints, found/hand-painted papers and began collaging the elements such as the hat and shirt then using hand inked line work I added in details. When it came to the background of this piece it was discussed that a simple colouring using summer hues could be effective. I produced this along side another idea of foliage and by a process of elimination and the adding of hand rendered text we produced the final work! I think this project has been extremely successful and I enjoyed the creative challenge it proposed!

Here is the song!

All images copyright Ailie Clark and Ailies Doodles (April, 2016)