Work Experience Week!

Just finished a week of work experience at StrawberryToo. With it being a design agency that consisted of mostly graphic designers the briefs given to me where a little different to what I am used to… but proved to be a good challenge.

The brief was  to rebrand Desperados and with some help the team showed me how they tackle a brief from start to finish and gave me some great tips on how to improve on my skills on Illustrator.

I also learnt how to apply my designs to products which is great way to mock up a project to show clients.

I was then set a branding project to create a graphic based on a educational building in Hull. With the skills I learnt from the Desperados brief it meant completing this project could be completed quicker and to a more professional level.

It was good to see how a design agency ticks especially when being an illustrator can tend to be a very solitary job. I learnt a lot about how they tackle briefs and deal with clients which is something I was very interested in.
Its the small elements of the design process that I have really enjoyed learning as they are all things I can now take and use in my professional practice.

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