Back to Basics

Although I enjoy creating my pieces by digitally collaging them together and it is a great way of producing imagery to high standard and doing so time effectively. I had been looking over some older work of mine (editorials) that i had created almost entirely by hand and i have found myself missing the hand drawn textures and idiosyncrasies  that come with it. SO i set about creating some work the old fashioned way! I reached for my gouache, ink and pencil case and came up with this!

I really love this piece and think it has reminded me to keep those hand rendered elements with in my work.

I would like to think it would make a nice alternative magazine cover or editorial piece.

Unfortunately this will be my last blog post for the next few weeks as i am moving, but I’ll be back 🙂


All images copyright Ailie Clark and Ailies Doodles (2016)