We need you! Hull 52 playing card!

hull52 - Template

all images copyright Ailie Clark and Ailies Doodles (feb 2017)

Hull 52 playing card

Got asked to participate in a collaborative art project called ‘Hull 52’ with the idea being to showcase the diversity of Hulls creative scene by asking 52 creatives in Hull to design a playing card.

My assigned card was the 9 of diamonds, how many can you count!?! It was great to be involved in a project that could showcase 52 people who live, work and are from Hull in the year of the City of Culture.

‘The Hull 52 has since gone a long way since its inception. A fully designed pack of 52 cards all laid out to view. It got lots of the artists networking and now all excited to share their work. Check out the gallery Here

As it stands in its digital form it’s already a testament to the diversity of styles, mediums and creativity of the city’s artists, now the goal is to take it forward, to become not only a nice gift for the locals to remember the year and the tourists to remember their visit, it also becomes a way to put the creativity of Hull back into a local charity.

With this artistic project we have decided to donate 100% of profits to the Hull Children’s University – A fantastic charity that  helps children believe that they can achieve their dreams and gives them the opportunity and confidence to try. Read more about this amazing charity here

It’s been amazing to of been part of a project that has been taken on board by so many. We’re grateful to our printing and paper partners for getting the costs so low, and the only thing that stands in the way between now and us all holding a finished deck in our hands is the peoples willingness to back the project.’

please head over and make whatever contribution you can!! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hull-52-collaborative-art-culture-deck-cards#/