a few doodles..

Apologies for the lack of posts, since finishing up uni i have been off on travels and soon to be back out on some more! I’ve had a great break and feel i’m… Continue reading

something different

from exhibiting at New Designers this year, a lot of feedback and advice i received was to maybe look into the licensing industry and try playing around with repeat patterns using my illustrations..… Continue reading

New Designers!

Had the great opportunity of getting to go New designers this year along with my class mates. It was nice to see the variety of work and talent and getting to be apart… Continue reading

Degree show time!

We have done it! Our little Doodle Bandit collective have finally managed with lots of nails, screws and hammers; to finally get our degree show up! I know I’m exhausted and most likely… Continue reading

Degree show time.. almost

So it has been a very long time since i have posted something on my blog (big apologies)… and here is the reason why! Its degree show time meaning my 3 years at… Continue reading

sharing the love.. even if its a little late

Here are some Valentines card designs i did a few weeks back.. hope you like (love) them ! It was a nice little project to do whilst in the midst of final project… Continue reading

Getting started

now on the final leg of my illustration degree (not entirely sure where the time has gone!) SO we have dissertations to complete, competitions to take part in, personal projects to get on… Continue reading


Just want to say a thank you to all of you that have been following my blog ! makes my day (and year) to know you like it!! lets make this year even… Continue reading

image a day : outcome

With our image a day project i have been drawing the components of larger more complex compositions i have in mind, that way i feel i am gaining a lot from this project… Continue reading


following my alternative “hope” piece here is the sketchbook I’ve been using to create the small components of the image as well as some reportage illustration i did  during my time in berlin(sight… Continue reading