Christmas is coming…

Christmas is coming and cards are being made.. hopefully! I have designed a snow globe for mine (because lets be honest who doesn’t love them!) with it inside a polar bear. I have created… Continue reading

AOI: LDN Stories competition

So its competition time and this one set up by the Association Of Illustrators (AOI) The theme was “london stories”  and although there are many one stuck in my head as it is… Continue reading

Jungle Fun

A little personal work this time round, fancied doing a little jungle scene. To create this i used gauche paints, monoprints, colouring pencils and pen. I particularly like the colours in this piece… Continue reading

Summer Project

Haven’t blogged in what feels like quite a long time! That is probably because i haven’t picked up a pencil in awhile, having finished my second year of uni i have needed a… Continue reading


Feels like an age since i have posted anything.. been a busy bee of late with lots of little projects happening, one of which i would like to share with you! Recently got… Continue reading

The Lion and the Mouse: take 2

After having done my images i felt that they could have benefitted from some text to help add context to the images, i tried to make it subtle so it wasn’t in competition… Continue reading

The Lion and the Mouse

Feels like it has been awhile since i have posted anything, been super busy with hand ins and assessments but to tie us over we have been given another project to keep us… Continue reading


finally back in the print room in what feels like a very long time ! We were being taught a new technique called aqua tint etching, having never been that satisfied with etching… Continue reading

Penguin Design Award

Have had to keep this competition project under wraps but now its handed in i’m free to let you guys have a look! So the brief was to design a cover for Wind… Continue reading

1 week editorials

Having worked on some fairly intense projects I decided I wanted to do something that would have a quick turn over and looked to projects I did last year. Something I really enjoyed… Continue reading