being healthy

This project is proving a little difficult creatively, I want to create something visually appealing as well as informative. So the ideas i came up with were adults playing like kids as  a… Continue reading

young at heart

A random drawing i did today… can you guess who it is ?   There’s a clue in title…

new years resolutions

As a way of keeping us occupied over the holidays we were given a brief where we were to illustrate our new years resolutions. i have never really been one to ever make… Continue reading

Moby Dick Automata

its done! With my research I knew I wanted to keep my decoration simple and representative of the sea, to do this I used gauche paint having a darker shade on the backset… Continue reading

Alice in Wonderland!

Finally they are finished and i am really pleased with how they have turned out, i decided against adding text (apart from on the cheshire cat piece)  as i feel the images speak… Continue reading

Automata: Moby Dick

Slow but steady progress is being made on this project, i have spent most of my time running around like a lunatic trying to get things done! Anyway having created a mock up… Continue reading

Automata: Heroes and Villains

well as you can probably tell with my last post and now this i’m a little slow on the creative side of things at the moment, however here is another project ! For… Continue reading

Enigma of Memory

For this project I chose again to do a personal memory, the aim of this project was to try and illustrate a memory you had with the use of unusual materials or techniques.… Continue reading

more postcards!

We had to complete a very quick brief where we were to design postcards with the theme being communication. I chose to do a typography based postcard and another on a ships distress… Continue reading

Display box

As a part of our Seven deadly sins project we also had to build a display box to put our pieces in. I kept mine very simple and chose to make it with… Continue reading