tale of the unexpected

The backdrops: Using spoils that i made in the print room i have used them for the backdrops and cut them up to create the other elements. I placed them down and once… Continue reading

being healthy finished

  think it is finally done, although I’ve now been told to do another to add to the set (no ideas as to what yet) but i’m pleased with this definitely works better.

being healthy

This project is proving a little difficult creatively, I want to create something visually appealing as well as informative. So the ideas i came up with were adults playing like kids as  a… Continue reading

young at heart

A random drawing i did today… can you guess who it is ?   There’s a clue in title…

new years resolutions

As a way of keeping us occupied over the holidays we were given a brief where we were to illustrate our new years resolutions. i have never really been one to ever make… Continue reading

Moby Dick Automata

its done! With my research I knew I wanted to keep my decoration simple and representative of the sea, to do this I used gauche paint having a darker shade on the backset… Continue reading

Alice in Wonderland!

Finally they are finished and i am really pleased with how they have turned out, i decided against adding text (apart from on the cheshire cat piece)  as i feel the images speak… Continue reading

Automata: Moby Dick

Slow but steady progress is being made on this project, i have spent most of my time running around like a lunatic trying to get things done! Anyway having created a mock up… Continue reading

Automata: Heroes and Villains

well as you can probably tell with my last post and now this i’m a little slow on the creative side of things at the moment, however here is another project ! For… Continue reading

Enigma of Memory

For this project I chose again to do a personal memory, the aim of this project was to try and illustrate a memory you had with the use of unusual materials or techniques.… Continue reading