final images for 7 sins

AND finally they are done! There are 4 that i managed to screen print..   Really pleased with how these have turned out, i made all of them blue so as to not… Continue reading


I decided that my drawings needed some colour, so i broke out the water colours and had a play. I love using watercolour with how the  colours bleed into each other and mix.… Continue reading

Cyprus postcards!

As i have probably said before i went to cyprus this summer! However i didn’t get myself any postcards with the reason being, i didn’t like any of them. They were all the… Continue reading

Another editorial

I set myself the task of another editorial with this one being in relation to the recent flash floods and how when lifeboat men came to rescue holiday makers on a camp site,… Continue reading


Our last project of the year was one week editorials where our aim was to illustrate newspaper articles both given by our tutors and chosen ourselves… TA DAH!! FIRST YEAR COMPLETE!!


In our CAD (computer aided design) class we were set the task of creating an animation, i kept mine simple with creating a stop-motion of a vikings continual aggression… my backdrop ^  … Continue reading

Altered books

Another project was to alter books from their conventional form…            

First year of university…

Our first project was called Alphabetica, our aim was to explore different typography…

Art foundation: final major project

Finals from my fmp i chose to illustrate Roald Dahl’s Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf from a series of poems called Revolting Rhymes… My final show…